About Wood & the Finished Product

Most woods are harvested locally by land owners that contact me via various means. They want to see something useful made with it. Compensation varies.

Fresh cut wood, is referred to as “green” and is very high in water content. The wood is cut to size using a chainsaw with specific attention to grain orientation in an effort to maximize the beauty, balance and aesthetics of the wood.  Then it is cut into a round on the bandsaw with further adjustments to the grain orientation. From there, it is rough turned on the lathe leaving room for a future turning.

Bowl blanks are then air dried 3 to 6 months. Dry time depends on wood type and the time of year harvested. When dry they are turned to their final shape and dimension, which is referred to as a “twice turned” bowl.

Yarn bowls have custom “J” hooks that are hand drawn, sawed out by hand and sanded to 400 grit to avoid any catches of yarn as it’s drawn through the hook.

All bowl types are turned by hand, unique and one of a kind pieces.

All pieces are signed or initialed and marked with the wood type used for that specific item. Several coats of “Waterlox” finish is applied and then each piece is buffed out using two types of buffing compound with a final buff using carnauba wax. Carnauba is one of the hardest waxes known to mankind that leaves a long-lasting smooth silky finish.

Making the Blue Diamond