Award Winner; Blue Diamond

Award Winner; Blue Diamond


Awarded “Best in Wood Turning” at the 2019 League Craft Fair’s new Exhibit “Arts, Crafts and Design”

SG-04 Segmented Construction, 786 pieces

Vase Measures 19 3/4 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter at its widest section

Pedestal measures 8 ¾” diameter and 1 ¾” thick

Curly hard maple, black dyed veneer, maple veneer, Clear Polyester Casting Resin, Catalyst, and Blue Opaque Pigment Concentrate

Finish; Waterlox, wax.   

Light: Head lamp by Stanley

The wood is curly maple. The polyester diamonds are custom casted with blue tint and are then cut to shape using the same techniques as with wood. There are 88 diamonds in four different sizes. They are laid out in a spiral pattern creating movement to the piece. The pedestal, turned on the lathe was made to house a light. The vase has a “window” in its base allowing the light to shine from underneath. The piece was featured in the 10th anniversary issue of the GNHW Journal and won “Best Turned in Wood” at the 2019 League of NH Craftsmen’s Craft Fair exhibit “Art, Craft and Design”.

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